Tips for Exercising Your French Bulldog

The Proper Exercise Regimen for the French Bulldog

Just like men, French bulldogs are creatures of habit too. So, if left to their own devices, French bulldogs would just rather lay around and the only activity they would get is the occasional playful times they have with their owners. To some, this characteristic is normal to French bulldogs, in fact, if you own one right now, then you know that French bulldogs would just rather lie down and rest. They have probably commandeered your sofa or favorite chair already.

French bulldogs though do this not because their lazy, but because their lazy, but because they tend to get tired first and overheated. So, you can’t really blame them if they would just rather lie down, it’s not their fault, it’s their body going against them. But, that doesn’t mean that you should just let them be. Like any other dogs, the French bulldog needs exercise to keep fit and stay healthy. This is not an easy task though, this canine would prefer to stay still than exercise, they are also very hard headed, even though they are playful at times.

If you want your French bulldog to be healthy, then you must find ways to make your pet exercise. To ensure that they will be accustomed to these activities, then you have to start your exercise regimen while your French bulldog is still a pup. Remember though, French bulldogs should only get moderate exercise as they tend to overheat their body temperature, which can led to different health problems and even death.

When walking your dog, avoid running or going through a fast pace, their body structure can’t take it. Aside from overheating, your French bulldog may suffer from labored breathing. Also, avoid taking your dog for a walk or play with it outside your home when the weather is very humid and hot. As much as possible, exercise your dog at nighttime when it’s cooler. This way you can avoid the complications.

Entice your dogs with treats. Make sure that you carry with you some rewards so that your French bulldog puppy will associate exercising with getting a reward, so this means that your pet would like to do exercises when you ask it to.

Make sure that your exercise regimen is fun! Dogs like humans would eagerly do activities that make them happy, not stressful. Think of ways to make your exercise more fun, like creating some obstacles for your dog to run through.

Make sure that you do your exercises before meal time, when French bulldogs are full, they tend to become drowsy and lazy, preferring to just lay around.

And like humans one again, good physical health is not just about exercise, but with proper nutrition and health as well. Prepare a well balanced diet for your dog and schedule exercises with frequent rest times in between. And a final note, it can’t be stressed enough that French bulldogs only need moderate exercise, so please don’t overdo it.

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